☆[ Glitterbomb | 29 | Female | Aries/sag]☆


☆Icon / Emotes☆

•Simple -- 20$
•Full    -- 30$
•Emote -- 45$ for 5

☆ Chibis ☆

•Flats  -- 30$
•Cell shade  -- 40$


•Basic -- 25$


•Half -- 30$
•Full -- 35$

☆Flat Color☆

•Half -- 40$
•Full -- 45$

☆Cell Shade☆

•Half -- 50$
•Full -- 60$

☆Full Color☆

•Half -- 70$
•Full -- 85$

☆Simple Ref☆

•Flat-- 65$
•Cell-- 80$

☆Full Ref☆

•Flat-- 100$
•Cell-- 115$

☆Detailed Ref☆

•Flat-- 140$
•Cell-- 160$

Everything is subject to change, debating on complexity, and what you would like. I can add things or take away, don’t be afraid to ask me questions.
• Detailed backgrounds will be 20$ extra.
• Extra characters are an added 2x the amount. Ex [A sketch is 25 so itd be another 25 for a second person]]
• Customs will be an extra 10$ unless it's a very detailed design you are wanting.

★ Interested? Contact me! ★

Terms Of Service

By commissioning me, you agree to the terms listed below. So please make sure you read through it carefully.

♡ I reserve the right to refuse any commission from any client for any reason.
♡ You agree to provide visual reference sheet[s] or reference images so I can get colors and markings as accurate as I can. No text references, please.
❥ Please provide accurate and up to date references, or include changes in your initial Commission Request.
❥ If your reference is not up to date, I will work with whatever you have given me.
♡ You agree to have good communication. Refusing to communicate with The Artist will result in Artistic Freedom until completion.
♡ You agree to NOT crop out, remove, alter, or edit my signature, logo, watermark, and/or credits in any manner.
♡ You acknowledge my comfort zone in what I will and will not draw. And will not pressure me to draw things outside of that zone.
♡ You agree to not pester, harass, or call me out in any manner about your commission. Checking in now and then is fine though.

♡ All my prices are in United States Dollar ($/USD).
♡ Payment must be made in full before I start your commission.
♡ Payment will be through Paypal invoicing.
♡ Pentalty fees will be incurred when changing details past the inking phase.
❥ $10 USD for any changes.
❥ $20 USD for character changes.
♡ Donations are always welcome and very appreciated. Please do this through Ko-fi. ♡

♡ Once work has been started on a piece, a full refund is no longer an offer and/or option.
♡ The Artist reserves the right to issue a refund and/or cancel a commission, at any time, due to:
❥ Poor communication, rude, or inappropriate behavior by the commissioner.
❥ Personal or health related issues that conflict with the completetion of the commission.
♡ In the case of a cancellation on the artist's part due to personal reasons, you will be refunded based on the progress of the piece and issued a refund in the

♡ Average wait time for each piece will be roughly One (1) month.
♡ Please, do not rush me, or you will get rushed artwork.
♡ Please check my art queue via Trello to see where you are in my queue.

This is a full time job for me. So please be respectful when talking to me about my work.

♡ You will be sent WIPs (works in progress) during the sketch, inking, and flat color stages.
♡ See the above fees for post inking changes.

♡ Anthros, Humanoids, Maybe Ferals.
♡ General, Mature, and Adult Themes.
♡ Most fetishes. Please ask!
♡ Most species. Ask for more specifics!
♡ Mostly feminine body types, maybe muscled bodies.

♡ Extreme Fetishes such as but not limited to: scat, vomit, diaper/mordbidly obese fetishization.
♡ Cub, diaper, or pedophilia of any sort.
♡ Cars, Planes, Machinery, Mechanic parts, or Robots.
♡ Overly difficult characters, designs, tattoos, wings, etc.
♡ Transphobia, homophobia, sexism, racism and any other types of discrimination.

♡ You MUST credit me for a design and it's creation upon upload or re-upload to any site or gallery.
♡ Do NOT resell a character for more than you purchased it for, unless additional art has been bought and/or created.
♡ I require to be informed if you resell or rehome any of my closed species from the following:
❥ Exclusive - Heartbleats.
♡ You are free to tweak any aspect of the character(s) you purchase, with credit to the original design.
♡ You may not redistribute my bases to friends, family, or anyone who has not purchased it directly from me.
♡ You can use my bases for the following:
❥ Adoptables, Ref Sheets, Commissions, YCH's, Gifts, and any Personal use.
♡ You must credit me, with link backs to my page(s) when uploading creations using any of my work or bases.
♡ I prefer credit on, FurAffinity, and/or Twitter. But please don't just put my name, a linkback is required (please link to my twitter or carrd).

Art Queue

If you want to see my Que or where you are at in the Que, please visit the Trello. [Above]


You can check out my other links below, or email me for comments, concerns and questions. <3
Thank you so much for your time. <3